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A collaborative team of Buchanan attorneys from the firm's Corporate, Litigation, Labor & Employment, Tax, Intellectual Property, Energy and Employee Benefits sections represented Sam Levin, Inc. and Robert Levin in the sale of Levin Furniture and its 35 stores in Pennsylvania and Ohio to Art Van Furniture.

Buchanan's team included:


  • Mary Ann Dunham
  • Meghan Foyle
  • Thomas Thompson
  • John Previs
  • Thomas Buchanan
  • David Gould
  • Sue Friedberg
  • Adam Wicks


  • Stanley Yorsz
  • Wendelynne Newton
  • Greg Krock
  • Matthew Meade
  • Samantha Southall
  • Patrick Doran
  • John Powell
  • Carrie Amezcua

Labor & Employment

  • Erin McLaughlin
  • Tiffany Jenca
  • Abigail Green
  • Curtis Schaffner


  • Bruce Booken
  • Jim Forsyth

Intellectual Property

  • Duane Stewart


  • Robert Burns

Employee Benefits

  • Howard Kline

Read more in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's article, "Michigan Company Snaps Up Levin and Wolf Furniture Stores."