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Tax planning affects more than just your bottom line; it affects your entire business operation. Knowledge, results and experience: these are the strengths you need in your tax attorneys. These are our strengths.

Almost 60 Years at the Forefront of Tax Law: Results, Knowledge, Experience

What defines a tax attorney you can rely on as one of your most trusted advisors? First is results. Our attorneys use their knowledge and experience to employ targeted strategies designed to bring results at every level in your transaction and in your interaction with taxing authorities. Second is knowledge of your business. Our tax attorneys learn your business – what makes it tick and what makes it unique –so that your approach to tax is integrated with your approach to business (or personal) success and growth. Finally is experience. We understand that tax planning effects more than just your bottom line; it affects your business operations. Our attorneys have the experience necessary to guide you in making strategic decisions.

Our tax attorneys are thought leaders who regularly write and speak in their areas of expertise. Many of our attorneys have written Tax Management Portfolios, which are widely recognized and highly regarded as an indispensable resource for tax practitioners.

In addition to our experience as authors, our tax attorneys have served as technical advisors on the portfolio series from its inception almost 60 years ago. Our tax attorneys work with authors from around the United States and abroad to provide timely and sophisticated analysis, application and interpretation of the Internal Revenue Code and the rulings and court decisions that govern the administration of tax laws. Our work on the Tax Management Portfolios helps our tax professionals to stay on the forefront of tax law and are regularly (and uniquely) connected with other prominent tax professionals.

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Creative Strategies for Every Tax Objective

Our clients count on us to resolve their toughest tax issues and to craft strategies to realize their business and personal objectives while minimizing tax liabilities and other costs across numerous overlapping tax practice areas:

  • Corporate Tax. We are experienced in all facets of federal income tax considerations facing both foreign and domestic corporations. We counsel clients from small family corporations to publicly traded Fortune 500 companies on all corporate tax planning matters.
  • Pass-Through Entities. We counsel clients, from small, closely held pass-throughs to large publicly traded entities, in structuring and managing partnerships, limited liability companies (LLCs), S-corporations and disregarded entities to achieve their business and tax objectives.
  • Real Estate Transactions. We advise clients on the tax considerations that arise in a wide variety of real estate transactions, from initial investment to tax-efficient transfers and sales.
  • International. We assist business, both foreign and domestic, in the broad range of tax and corporate matters that arise when business is conducted across borders.
  • State and Local Tax. We address a broad range of state and local tax (SALT) matters, including corporate franchise and income, sales and use, personal income and transfer and recordation and property taxes. We also represent clients in resolving disputes with the various state and local taxing authorities.
  • Wealth and Succession Planning. We advise high-net-worth individuals in structuring and implementing sophisticated plans to manage and transfer their wealth during their lifetime, upon incapacity and on death.
  • Nonprofit Organizations. We work with tax-exempt organizations at all stages, from formation and recognition of tax-exempt status to mergers and termination and every other aspect of their tax planning.
  • Employee Benefits / Executive Compensation. We help our clients design and implement pension, profit sharing, 401(k)s, employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs), target benefit and stock bonus plans and much more.
  • Tax Controversies. We represent all types of business entities, nonprofit organizations and individuals, in all stages of federal tax disputes with the IRS, from audit to the preparation of tax protests and negotiation with IRS Appeals, to litigation in federal courts.

2017  Tax Act:  We’re Here to Help

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