With U.S. healthcare expenditures today topping 18% of GDP and rising, the need for skilled legal counsel with experience in every sector of healthcare is greater than ever. We were among the first firms to establish a dedicated healthcare practice, and we have since been a substantial force in healthcare legal services. Our attorneys are trusted partners across the many disciplines and businesses of healthcare.

Complexity Clarified

No matter the segment of the healthcare industry you’re in, our team has the experience to understand your specific needs and provide highly focused counsel and representation. We handle the full range of legal issues in every corner of healthcare, including:

  • Large and small for-profit, nonprofit, and religiously affiliated hospitals.
  • Hospital systems.
  • Regional medical centers.
  • Academic medical centers (teaching and research).
  • Post-acute and long-term care facilities.
  • Behavioral health facilities and services.
  • Clinics, including oncology and dialysis clinics.
  • Home care and hospice services.
  • HMOs.
  • Pharmaceutical and medical device companies.
  • Durable medical equipment companies.
  • Ambulatory surgery centers.
  • Accountable Care Organizations and Clinically Integrated Networks.
  • Biotechnology companies.

Because healthcare providers are continuously becoming more interdependent, integrated and regulated, you count on counsel with the depth to provide for all of your needs. Whatever those needs, we have the experience to handle it. From day-to-day legal matters to complex mergers, joint ventures and financing; from regulatory matters to intellectual property protection; and from information security to employment issues, you can rely on us for experienced counsel and representation.

We understand the challenges you face trying to keep up with the dizzying pace of changes in healthcare. Because the business of healthcare is changing so rapidly, you depend on us to understand even the most complex changes and innovative trends. You depend on us to communicate in a meaningful and actionable way. You also count on us to address whatever comes up immediately, efficiently and cost-effectively. In a market with many alternatives for legal services, our lawyers not only understand that responsiveness, service and value make the difference, they deliver that service difference every day. That's why we have long-term relationships with so many of our clients.

When it Comes to Healthcare, We’ve Got You Covered


In the U.S. alone, healthcare is annually a $3 trillion business. A leading innovator in the business of healthcare, we have one of the country’s most active teams of attorneys representing both large and small healthcare providers. In just the past few years, we have managed more than 60 major transactions valued at more than $14 billion.

We are able to counsel and represent you on even the most complex healthcare transactions, including entity formation, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, innovative delivery systems, corporate finance, tax-exempt status and tax liability issues, bankruptcy and insurance company relations. We assist with antitrust matters, government contracts, pharmaceutical company contracts, procurement, reimbursement, data security and intellectual property protection. The list covers nearly every type of transaction and business relationship that touches healthcare.


Recent increases in governmental enforcement efforts have resulted in particularly challenging times for healthcare providers. We are able to effectively advise you on managing the intense scrutiny currently carried on by the federal and state governments.

Our team works with you to establish and maintain compliance with all applicable regulatory standards. Among our services are helping with Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement issues, Stark law, Anti-Kickback fraud and abuse cases and whistleblower claims. Our healthcare attorneys are also called upon to design and implement corporate compliance programs, as well as conduct educational sessions for board members, employees and medical staff.

Our attorneys are experienced and skilled in other compliance and regulatory matters, including:

  • HIPAA and HITECH matters relating to protected health information and data security.
  • Internal investigations and associated counsel stemming from allegations of documentation or billing irregularities, unethical conduct or violations of law or regulations.
  • Responses to government inquiries and documentation requests such as subpoenas. 

Our compliance team includes attorneys across multiple practice areas, including healthcare, litigation, labor and employment, and white-collar defense, who can work together as a team to respond to compliance matters, as needed.


The sheer size and diversity of the healthcare business means that conflicts, whether commercial disputes between companies or issues with state and federal regulatory agencies, are many, varied and complex. Preventing conflicts and litigation is always desirable, of course, and we have many ways to counsel you in how to avoid conflicts, including developing risk management strategies, incident response plans and more.

But disputes do occur, and when they do, our lawyers will counsel and represent you throughout the process. 

Litigation may include commercial disputes, employment and labor disputes, contractual disputes in federal and state courts and arbitration, as well as disputes and settlements with administrative agencies. Clients also rely on us for Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement appeals, litigation with states’ attorneys general regarding non-profit corporate governance, antitrust, application of charitable trust principles, and defense against civil fraud claims, whistleblowers and qui tam actions.

We also have a dedicated team of trial attorneys who devote their practice to defending the post-acute and long term care industry in complex professional liability and corporate negligence matters throughout the country.

Clients also come to us to address medical staff matters, including disciplinary matters, fair hearings and other matters regarding medical bylaws.

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