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The U.S. energy industry is evolving rapidly, with higher stakes and more opportunity than ever before. Every day, energy companies are confronting new regulatory challenges, intellectual property issues and expanding possibilities for midstream and downstream growth. It’s no longer hyperbole – the future of energy is now. And as we have been for decades, Buchanan is here to guide companies through the traditional challenges, the cutting-edge opportunities, and everything in between.

Turning Energy into Opportunity

The energy industry has trusted our attorneys and experts since the very beginning. Recognized among the top energy law firms serving not just the Appalachian region but companies around the country, Buchanan has more than 150 years of experience managing transactional matters, regulatory issues, and complex litigation across the upstream, midstream, and increasingly expanding downstream industries. And we have knocked down barriers to future industry growth through litigation wins that have shaped today’s Energy renaissance for coal, oil, natural gas, renewables, utilities and end users.

$30 Billion+
in energy transactions managed
150+ Years
of direct energy experience
3 Landmark Litigation Wins
that opened doors for energy production in the Appalachian basin

We Offer Energy Clients

  • Transactional know-how with a deep understanding of the energy industry’s commercial, political and technical landscape.
  • Vast experience counseling local and national energy companies operating across the United States.
  • Comprehensive representation from our deep bench of attorneys and government relations professionals with experience in finance, environmental, regulatory, tax, labor and employment, intellectual property, real estate, government relations and other areas.
  • Deep connections with the energy industry’s most powerful and influential policymakers, industry groups, trade organizations, regulators, thought leaders, and other energy companies.
  • Regulatory insights and advocacy at the local, state and federal levels from one of the largest teams of government relations and public policy professionals in a law firm.
  • True energy production growth opportunities by navigating the process for permitting, approval and construction of natural gas pipelines and other critical infrastructure necessary to move energy to markets.
  • Broad experience advising all forms of fossil fuel companies in the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors.
  • Pioneering counsel, litigation and government relations insights for companies forging the future through renewable energy.
  • Strategic planning, counsel and representation for utilities and power generation companies across the country.
  • Risk and activism mitigation and litigation that allows energy production, job creation and economic advancement to thrive.
  • A robust team of attorneys who have resolved energy-related disputes in federal and state trial courts, in appellate courts at every level, in regulatory tribunals, and in arbitration and other forms of alternative dispute resolution.
  • A comprehensive roster of cross functional attorneys and government relations professionals who have worked to allow energy end users to take advantage of the U.S. energy renaissance.
  • First-hand experience on all sides of environmental regulation and enforcement, including all forms of energy, solid waste, air, water, wastewater, and mineral resources.

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