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Whether you are a Fortune 500 corporation, an emerging growth business or a provider of capital, our nationally recognized Corporate practice team can provide you with highly individualized counsel on the full spectrum of corporate matters.

When It Comes to Corporate Transactions and Compliance, We’ve Got You Covered

Our corporate team structures, negotiates, documents and completes transactions essential to your operational and strategic objectives. Using our highly collaborative and multi-disciplinary resources, we can assist you with even the most complex corporate transactions. We are large enough to handle even the most sophisticated corporate transactions, while at the same time providing partner-level attention to every matter.

Our corporate services include multiple areas of focus, such as mergers and acquisitions, technology, licensing and commercial contracts, executive compensation, private equity and venture capital, emerging companies, and securities and SEC. Because we offer such a comprehensive range of services, and because our attorneys become immersed in our clients’ culture and thoroughly knowledgeable of their business objectives, clients come to see us as long-term partners. This type of relationship and the insights it provides is what will allow us to provide you with the high-value counsel and tailored results you need and expect.

Capital Markets and SEC

When it comes to capital market transactions and SEC compliance, experience is everything. With a clear understanding of your goals and the law, we will work with you on the strategy and the process, down to the smallest detail. For decades, our securities/SEC attorneys have counseled clients in almost every industry, handling the most complex offerings and securities law compliance. We will work with you to comply with the listing and compliance requirements of the NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX and other SROs, including all reporting requirements, and compliance with other applicable laws and regulations, such as Sarbanes-Oxley, Dodd-Frank Act, Regulation FD, Regulation G and other disclosure requirements.

Keeping it Lean

We are known for lean deal teams and for not over-lawyering client engagements. Like many of our clients, if you complete multiple transactions in a given year, you will appreciate our ability to establish balanced and consistent deal teams that understand your business, industry, goals and objectives, as well as your service preferences. Because of our experience and level of efficiency, many early-stage clients that don’t have an in-house legal team allow us to serve as their general counsel.

Focused Counsel

Whatever type of transaction you are planning, generalists just won’t do. We build our teams based on your specific needs and the specific experience and skills of our attorneys.

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