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Insurance is famously complicated, and even professionals who work in the industry can get caught by the many legal and regulatory issues that govern it.

Helping You Succeed

Our multidisciplinary team of attorneys and consultants understands the highly competitive and complex nature of the industry. We can counsel you on statutory and regulatory issues, new initiatives and insurance law problems. We can advise you on state insurance laws and administrative practices and procedures for all lines of insurance. We also deal with regulators, liquidators and companies with interests in the reinsurance field, and we advise troubled insurance companies, creditors and reinsurers.

We've helped clients from every sector meet their unique regulatory and business challenges, from HMOs and PPOs to nonprofit health plan corporations, insurance companies, risk retention groups and captive insurance companies. Many other individuals and entities also deal with insurers and need our help, including:

  • Insurance rating organizations.
  • Financial institutions.
  • Risk purchasing groups.
  • Third-party administrators.
  • Producers.
  • Long-term care facilities.
  • Regulators.
  • Private and public companies (insureds).
  • Professionals (physicians, lawyers, engineers, etc.).
  • Hospitals and health systems.

When It Comes to Insurance and Reinsurance, We’ve Got You Covered


Our attorneys handle all of the transactional matters related to the insurance industry, including, among many others:

  • Mergers and acquisitions.
  • Formation and corporate governance of insurance companies, Blue Cross/Blue Shield Plans, HMOs and PPOs.
  • Insurance holding company transactions.
  • Capital adequacy and business plan development.
  • Reinsurance issues and transactions.
  • Self-insurance, captives, risk retention groups and purchasing groups.
  • Policy interpretation and coverage analysis.
  • Insurer insolvency proceedings.


We fully understand the highly regulated nature of insurance and can assist you no matter the issue. Among the many regulatory issues with which we can assist you are all regulatory filings and administrative hearings.


With an especially high volume of litigation, insurers require special attention so that their positions taken in various venues and jurisdictions remain effective and consistent. Our attorneys immerse themselves in the insurance industry to understand the trends, legislation and decisions that affect our clients’ business. We have represented clients before administrative agencies and in state and federal courts throughout the nation, providing counsel at any stage of litigation and on an ongoing basis through the conclusion of appellate proceedings in all types of insurance matters.