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Our IP practice combines the knowledge and experience of an intellectual property boutique with the service offerings of a large multi-practice firm. With roots that extend back over 80 years, our team is a recognized thought leader in the field. We understand your technology and your business goals. And we strive to add value to your innovations and ideas while preserving and protecting the lifeblood of your business.

To Protect and Create Value

Our clients range from global Fortune 500 companies and large universities to individual inventors and entrepreneurs. We also act as in-house IP counsel for many smaller and mid-size clients, advising start-ups in all aspects of their IP needs and helping them to develop and implement their IP strategies. You can rely on us because we can help you with the full complement of IP services, and because IP is critical to your overall business success, you can also rely on our full-service approach to provide effective strategies to mitigate risk and optimize opportunity. 


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At Buchanan, we offer a full suite of legal services, with teams that are deeply embedded in the industries they serve. Your team of dedicated IP professionals is supported by the attorneys in our FDAhealthcare, regulatory, corporate finance, technology, licensing and commercial contractsgovernment relations and litigation practices. This powerful combination gives you the focus of a true full-service IP boutique within a large, multi-practice firm.

We are a collaborative team of more than 60 attorneys and other professionals, many of whom possess advanced degrees in science and technology – in such fields as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, electrical and computer science, mechanical and materials science. Many have served as examiners in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and have worked in industry as scientists, engineers and in-house IP legal counsel. We are in the top 10 most prolific patent firms in the United States, and our team is recognized for its extensive IP and trademark work by multiple organizations including Managing Intellectual Property’s IP Stars, IAM’s Patent 1000, World Trademark Review’s WTR 1000, Chambers USA, and more. Learn more about our accomplishments here.

When it Comes to Intellectual Property, We’ve Got You Covered


We handle every detail of the filings for patent, copyright and trademark protections. That’s all that many firms can do for you . . . but we do much more. In addition to our award-winning patent prosecution and post-issuance practices, we have a strong transactional practice and can provide you with counsel on portfolio management and strategy, licensing and technology transfer, and risk reduction strategies. You can depend on our team to provide strategic guidance on the development, use and enforcement of your IP portfolios, both domestic and international. We can help you develop patent strategies that maximize your IP budgets both in the U.S. and abroad, advise you on critical risk issues, recommend strategies for asserting your IP rights, and even provide analysis related to the IP assets of key competitors.

Understanding Your Industry. We understand your technologies, rights and make it our business to learn your business goals. We provide customized approaches for clients based on your unique global objectives. Our deep experience gives us an intuitive ability to “see around corners” to help clients make informed business decisions. As science and the law evolve, so do we. Among the many disciplines our IP team supports is agricultural/medical-related intellectual property, such as that leveraged by the burgeoning cannabis industry.

Protection of Trade Secrets and Restrictive Covenants. Patents, copyrights and trademarks are critical to your IP protection, but so is safeguarding confidential information for which those protections are unavailable. Through effective restrictive covenants such as non-compete, non-solicitation and non-disclosure agreements and other means, we can help you keep those assets safe as well.

Our International Connections. Our team has close relationships with many foreign officials and law firms. We manage U.S. and international clients’ patent and trademark portfolios around the world, and we have coordinated IP litigation in many foreign court systems, including securing and prosecuting infringers. We also advise clients regarding cross-border technology transfers and international joint ventures.


Many disputes that once were settled before they ever got to the courthouse are now being litigated in the federal district and appellate courts and more recently before the Patent Office under the AIA procedures. But not just any trial lawyer can be an intellectual property trial lawyer. Explaining complex science and technology to judges and juries takes lawyers who know the science and technology, as well the law, and have the trial skills to convince judges and juries of the correctness of your position. This is the strength of our IP litigation and Patent Office litigation teams.

We have prevailed for clients in complex multi-party and multi-patent-related proceedings, including reversing decisions of the USPTO in U.S. District Courts and handling appeals to the Federal Circuit. We have also defended critical patents of our clients that have been challenged by competitors in the Patent Office and have prevailed in challenging patents that would otherwise impede our clients’ business goals. From selecting the right venue to developing an aggressive trial strategy, and throughout the trial and appellate processes, we assist you every step of the way.

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