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Our attorneys serve the interdisciplinary legal needs of artists, business owners and established companies in the entertainment and sports industries. In media, the firm works with both the traditional and new media facets of this dynamic industry.

When It Comes to Entertainment, Media & Sports Law, We’ve Got You Covered

Entertainment Law

We represent clients in the fields of music, literary publishing, television/motion pictures, theatre and the visual arts. Our clients include performers, authors, artists, athletes and others in contractual negotiations, tax and financial planning, licensing and intellectual property matters involving their talents, works and persona. Here is some of what we do in various entertainment sectors.

Music. We assist individual musicians, bands, record companies, recording artists, record producers and production companies, recording studios, songwriters, music publishers, concert and event producers and promoters, and performance organizations such as opera companies, repertory jazz orchestras, symphonies and ballet companies.

Literary Publishing. We work with authors, illustrators, publishers, book packagers, playwrights and others in a wide variety of activities and media, including print and electronic. This includes negotiating literary agency agreements, publishing agreements and electronic publication agreements.

Television & Motion Pictures. We represent television stations in the negotiation of contracts; actors, writers and other professional talent in negotiations with production companies, stations and networks; and individuals and estates in the negotiation of literary rights and options to produce motion pictures and television shows based on their life stories. We also represent independent film producers and video production companies in a broad range of issues.

Theatre. We counsel and represent regional professional theatre companies on a wide variety of matters, including rights acquisitions, production agreements, touring agreements, union issues and commissioned works.

Visual Arts. We assist fine artists in all media with the protection, licensing, sale and other commercial exploitation of works of visual art. We also represent purchasers of works of art and counsel regarding the rights and obligations under the Visual Artists' Rights Act. 

Multimedia. We work with video game developers, webcasters and other Internet-based content providers on the commercial issues of both traditional entertainment properties and new multimedia outlets.

Media Law

Our nationally recognized media law attorneys assist broadcasters, webcasters, journalists and publishers in traditional media issues including access to public records and courtrooms, newsroom subpoenas and search warrants, prepublication review, defamation and invasion of privacy defense, as well as intellectual property, labor & employment, commercial transactions, licensing and general corporate matters.

We represent national and regional clients throughout the country, including some of the nation's most prominent publishers of newspapers, books and magazines, as well as television broadcasters, webcasters and cable operators.

Defamation, Privacy & the First Amendment. We have defended book publishers, media outlets, reporters and others against enjoinment actions, libel actions, copyright violation claims, civil rights violation claims and many others in the interest of First Amendment protection.

Newsgathering, Media Access & Newsroom Subpoenas. We counsel and represent news and other media clients in all issues related to avoiding actionable content, legally appropriate newsgathering, and responding to subpoenas and other legal actions.

Labor Counsel for Media Clients. Our work in counseling media clients in labor and employment matters includes negotiating contracts and litigating employment claims nationwide, defending media clients regarding labor and employment grievances, and providing employment advice and handling employment litigation for Internet content providers.

Advertising Law. We serve as counsel to some of the largest and most successful advertising and interactive agencies in the country providing counsel to both traditional and interactive agencies, as well as other companies focused on Internet advertising and marketing, telemarketing and direct marketing, contests and sweepstakes, multimedia creation and other technology-based advertising activities. 

New Media. We also assist clients in understanding and complying with the full spectrum of emerging laws of the Internet and e-commerce, as well managing transactions of every kind.