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Updated: As of 11/17/22, 6 House seats yet to be called; 1 Senate seat (Georgia) headed to run-off

So far, the 2022 midterm elections have defied expectations on both sides of the aisle, and with every minute, the 118th Congress appears to be more balanced between the parties.

To help you navigate this election cycle’s impacts on your industry or policy area, the Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney Federal Government Relations team has compiled an in-depth guide and analysis on the following:

  • Recap of key competitive Senate and House races
  • Roundup of Congressional elections for Pennsylvania and Florida
  • Potential Democratic and Republican leadership for House and Senate committees in the 118th Congress
  • Legislative look ahead for what to expect during the lame duck session and the next Congress, including:
    • Appropriations/Debt Ceiling
    • Defense
    • Education
    • Energy/Environment
    • Financial Services
    • Healthcare
    • Taxes
    • Technology/Cybersecurity/Privacy
    • Transportation/Municipalities

Buchanan’s 2022 Midterm Election Roundup provides the insight you need to understand how the election results might impact your industry, no matter the outcome. Buchanan’s Federal Government Relations team stands ready to assist in navigating the post-election landscape in Washington and beyond.

Watch a recording of our Post-Election Webinar to learn more about the potential impacts of the 2022 Federal and Pennsylvania midterm elections.

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