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Meeting today’s environmental regulatory obligations is no simple matter. Apart from the obvious importance of environmental responsibility, you are faced with among the most stringent and ever-changing environmental laws and regulations anywhere. We can help you meet these obligations within the context of your commercial goals and the larger business context in which you operate.

Turning Concerns into Opportunities

Businesses with operations that may have an environmental impact are subject to federal, state and local regulations that are constantly changing. Our job is to help you conduct your business successfully while complying with these regulations. How? By providing you with a team that combines technical know-how and practical judgment. We have first-hand experience on all sides of environmental regulation and enforcement. In fact, some of us have served as regulators and as prosecutors.

When it Comes to Environmental Matters, We’ve Got You Covered


The Environmental Side of Real Estate and Corporate Transactions

Our environmental attorneys work closely with transactional attorneys from our corporate and real estate teams, providing the complete support your projects need, including:

  • Conducting due diligence and providing advice related to zoning and land use restrictions.
  • Representing you in eminent domain and administrative proceedings.
  • Negotiating “no further action” letters and prospective purchaser agreements (PPAs) with the EPA and state Brownfield agencies.
  • Obtaining liability protection.
  • Representing developers and land owners in real estate transactions involving complex Brownfield sites.
  • Negotiating agreements with the Pennsylvania and New Jersey DEPs for liability relief.
  • Drafting EPA comfort letters and prospective purchaser agreements.


Your Navigators Through the Regulatory Maze

We have handled hundreds of cases before administrative tribunals and other state and federal regulatory agencies. Our regulatory counseling focuses on, but is not limited to, five broad environmental areas:

Solid Waste. We can represent you regarding regulatory compliance, permitting and all enforcement proceedings.

Air. We provide you with advice and assistance with all air quality plan approval and permitting issues, including defense of permit actions by regulatory agencies and challenges by third parties.

Water. Our attorneys can advise you on all types of water permits, including NPDES and wastewater treatment permits, and pretreatment permits issued by Publicly Owned Treatment Works. We can also defend you against citizens' suits and enforcement proceedings.

Mineral Resources. With a deep client base in the coal and minerals industry, our environmental attorneys provide advice and counsel regarding permitting and enforcement of federal and state statutes. In addition, we have long experience with bonding, reclamation and other closure issues.

Renewable Energy. Our firm provides a comprehensive array of environmental services to the renewable industry — no matter how quickly it may change. Our attorneys and government relations professionals have worked for years with the federal and state regulatory agencies that govern these large and growing markets.


Prepared to Assist in Any Legal Forum

Even with the best environmental management and compliance procedures and policies in place, environmental incidents occur. We help to bring these highly sensitive situations that involve high-consequence decisions, and/or carry a high degree of reputational risk, under control. From permitting the "green field" development of electrical power generating plants to litigating the responsibility for abandoned waste sites, our litigators identify issues and develop creative, practical solutions without unnecessary costs or confrontation. We are able to negotiate important settlements that attain client goals and minimize exposure, while avoiding litigation. If confrontation cannot be avoided, however, our lawyers are prepared to litigate in any forum. We represent clients in civil and criminal environmental and land use litigation matters in both federal and state courts, as well as contested administrative law matters.