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To say the least, these are challenging times in the oil and gas industry. Price volatility has reversed the drilling boom of recent years, causing attrition in the marketplace, major layoffs and more. Increasing industry regulation has added to the challenge with unprecedented layers of complexity in both transactions and compliance at the federal, state and local levels. Litigation, especially related to contracts and regulatory issues, is a major concern. The result: oil and gas companies need legal partners who will recognize opportunities, provide a current map, straighten the road and fuel success no matter the current climate.

In addition to advising and representing oil and gas industry clients regarding their specific needs, our attorneys are deeply involved in planning for the industry’s future. For example, we are very active in the Greater Philadelphia Energy Action Team, a consortium of more than 80 energy industry, public sector, labor and academic leaders working to explore and develop the means to “unleash the prosperity inherent in the abundant shale gas supply in Pennsylvania, and . . . [helping] the Greater Philadelphia region capitalize on its proximity to the shale gas reserves as well as its rich history as an industrial center.”

Refreshingly Direct Counsel in a Complicated Business

When Opportunity Knocks

What are you doing to take advantage of opportunities that continue to arise no matter what the cycles of the oil and gas business bring? The expansion of shale exploration and production continues, and an aging pipeline infrastructure needs repair and expansion. These and other opportunities will keep the strong industry players busy and profitable. We bring to your efforts a long tradition representing oil and gas clients in every segment of the industry. With more than $28 billion worth of Appalachian Basin shale-era transactions under our belt, and a growing presence in Colorado’s shale plays and others, we have earned the reputation of the “go-to” energy law firm for these energy transactions. 

Land Use, Environmental Regulation and Beyond

In the oil and gas business, you are no stranger to regulations, old and new. They’re a fact of life. We know this territory well, and at every level that affects you. Not only will we help keep you in compliance with applicable regulations, we will advise you in future transactions and operations about new or changed regulations that may affect your business. Further, our experience in the zoning and land use approvals and permitting process before all relevant governmental agencies at the state and local level helps you get your operations going faster. For example, we have provided general representation to companies for all zoning and related approvals for more than 50 Marcellus Shale wells, water impoundments and water withdraw facilities.

Every Dispute Matters

Because oil and gas is such a complex and highly regulated industry, disputes, like regulation, are also a fact of life. The current political and economic landscape has brought increases in litigation against oil and gas companies from other companies, regulatory authorities, individuals and groups. When conflicts occur, we’re here to help you work through them to the best possible conclusion. As an example, for more than five generations, our high-profile wins have paved the way for national and regional energy companies to operate successfully in the Marcellus and Utica shale plays and beyond. Our litigators draw on the knowledge and experience of other attorneys with long energy industry experience, including those whose focus is corporate finance, environmental, regulatory, tax, labor and employment, intellectual property, real estate and government relations

It’s also important to mention that much litigation has been brought resulting from the downturn in the oil and gas industry. Layoffs often result in employee lawsuits, and inability to fulfill contracts does likewise. If these are issues affecting your company, we have the experience and litigation depth to advise you and defend your interests.