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In the U.S. and other countries today, the coal industry has come under siege from both regulators and environmentalists. It has also become a regular talking point among politicians who either raise it as a jobs issue or as a climate change/public health flashpoint. Yet coal has always been and is today a staple in the world’s energy diet. It’s abundant and relatively cheap. About 40 percent of today’s power generated in the United States is still produced in coal-fired plants.

Coal Remains a Key Energy Resource. We Know Coal Country.

Getting the Deal Done

As long as we continue to rely on coal to generate power, mining interests and those who support them will continue to need highly knowledgeable legal support. To thrive in today’s coal industry, you need a firm that really knows coal. We are one of the leading firms the coal industry relies on for commercial counsel. Our attorneys enjoy a national reputation for providing industry-leading legal and government relations services to scores of coal companies throughout the United States and abroad. Among our many services are:

  • Providing comprehensive real estate counsel, including leases, mineral rights and mineral conveyances.
  • Advising clients on all forms of coal financing.
  • Representing producers in all corporate matters, such as initial public offerings, spin-offs, acquisitions and sales, corporate governance and compliance, bankruptcies and restructuring.
  • Providing environmental due diligence.
  • Negotiating and drafting all agreements and contracts, including long-term coal supply and transportation agreements.
  • Identifying and resolving impediments to mining.
  • Providing support for all labor and employment

Regulation From EPA to OSHA, SEC, and State & Local Regulation

No strangers to the legislative and regulatory process where coal is concerned, our government relations professionals provide you with innovative and practical solutions to legislative and regulatory issues. In this capacity, we've drafted legislative and regulatory solutions to client issues, and we've advocated for our clients on Capitol Hill. We've guided coalitions of companies with common legislative and regulatory objectives, and we've responded to legislative initiatives with detailed client impact assessments.

We assist coal industry clients in all aspects of federal, state and local regulatory compliance with support such as:

  • Providing counsel regarding permitting and compliance with all federal and state statutes.
  • Helping you deal with the industry's many environmental laws and regulations, including permitting and alleged violations.
  • Assisting you with issues such as acid mine and post-mining drainage, including the legal responsibility for and treatment of mine discharges.
  • Advising on bonding, reclamation and other closure issues.
  • Complying with Sarbanes-Oxley requirements and the complex rules of public disclosure.

Resolving Disputes Wherever They Occur

Some disputes occur in the regular course of business. Others are generated by extensive regulation, especially in an industry that is challenged on a number of fronts. But we live in coal country, and we know how to keep you out of litigation when we can and help your interests prevail when we can’t. Our energy litigation attorneys work to resolve your dispute – whether between companies or with regulators – as quickly, advantageously and cost-effectively as possible.