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Educational institutions at every level – both public and private – have legal needs and challenges that mirror those businesses face, as well as their own unique concerns. We are proud that our attorneys are selected so often by these institutions to handle many of their most complex transactions, compliance matters and litigation.

Behind Every Great Educational Institution are Great Education Attorneys

Today’s administrators, trustees and boards need experienced education lawyers who understand their constituencies, objectives and challenges. For decades, our education team has provided comprehensive legal representation to:

  • Public schools and school districts.
  • Parochial and private schools.
  • Private colleges and universities.
  • Educational testing companies.
  • Other companies that provide services to public and private educational institutions.

We have advised all of these organizations on such matters as:

  • Financing
  • Labor & employment
  • Constitutional rights
  • Real estate
  • Government contracts
  • Technology
  • Title IX
  • Intellectual property management and protection
  • Federal and state compliance
  • Student discipline
  • Litigation

The fact that our education attorneys have held many leadership positions for colleges and universities; have taught at colleges and universities and chaired schools and organizations within them; and have served as school directors, school board presidents, and in many other roles helps us better anticipate and address the legal needs of educational institutions of every type.

When it Comes to Education Law, We’ve Got You Covered.


The kinds of transactions educational institutions engage in are much like those of any business. Whether securing funding for expansion of facilities and programs, purchasing or selling real estate, licensing intellectual property, or any of the myriad agreements and contracts you are party to, our attorneys know the landscape and are here to assist. On the financing side, we have handled public finance and bond work, acted as issuer's counsel for tax-exempt financings, counseled and advised on tax matters, and advised on and monitored legislative initiatives that affect these institutions. Our real estate and construction attorneys have handled acquisition and development of educational campuses, negotiated and drafted design and construction agreements, negotiated and drafted leases, and much more. And regarding administration and governance, we have negotiated and drafted academic affiliation agreements, service agreements of all types, college bylaws, university bid procedures, coaching contracts, and agreements for the use of university facilities. We have also assisted colleges and universities in all aspects of immigration.


Compliance with federal and states laws such as the ADA, FERPA, HIPAA, Title IX, VAWA, Clery Act and the Freedom of Information Act are all concerns of educational institutions. We’re here to assist you in remaining in compliance and, if necessary, responding to any regulatory inquiries or investigations. 

Many of the regulatory compliance requirements faced by educational institutions concern labor and employment matters, so we are ready to assist you with ERISA, deferred compensation plan compliance, tax-favored status, and other employment matters.

We also handle many other regulatory and government agency issues as:

  • HIPAA issues
  • Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) matters
  • OSHA-related compliance and investigations
  • Title IX regulatory compliance and investigations
  • Permitting for research and other facilities
  • Intellectual property protection, including patents, copyrights and trademarks
  • Approvals by state departments of education for school status changes or programs
  • Freedom of Information Act requirements and procedures
  • Implementation of federal financial aid regulations
  • Compliance with immigration laws


Our litigation team has deep experience representing educational organizations in every kind of litigation, both in trial courts and before regulatory tribunals. These range from defending a university against various claims by faculty and administrators to personal injury, class actions, construction-related claims, nonprofit standing, student discipline, civil rights and dozens of other issues. Because we have such a long history representing educational institutions, our attorneys understand how to get the results you need.