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The ever-changing regulatory and compliance environment requires a partner experienced in identifying risk, reducing it, and responding quickly to any allegation or investigation.

Comprehensive Programs to Meet Every Client’s Unique Needs

Our team designs and implements comprehensive compliance programs to prevent, detect and rectify corporate misconduct. To meet our clients’ unique business needs, we can implement robust training sessions and audit procedures to minimize the risk of future investigations or allegations of wrongdoing. Such compliance programs are often aimed at avoiding violations related to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), tax regulations, the False Claims Act (FCA), environmental regulations and healthcare regulations.

Download Our CARES Act Compliance Checklist Download Our CARES Act Compliance Checklist Download Our CARES Act Compliance Checklist

Reducing Risk. Managing Compliance. Resolving Regulatory Disputes.

A wide array of regulatory authorities, changing statutes and compliance guidelines, and new enforcement initiatives provide continuous challenges to public and privately owned businesses of every size. Simply reacting to allegations, investigations and enforcement actions is no longer enough. Understanding and reducing risk is the most important first step any entity can take, along with having a highly experienced team at the ready should regulatory investigations or enforcement actions occur.

A Customized Team

Because no two businesses operate in exactly the same regulatory environment or face exactly the same compliance challenges, we support clients with a customized team carefully selected for members’ experience in those areas of regulatory law most relevant to the client’s business and industry.

Our clients come from many industries, including financial services, healthcare, energy, life sciences, manufacturing, defense, government services, petrochemical, insurance, real estate, communications, sports and gaming, hospitality and many more – each of which may be subject to regulation by a host of federal, state and local authorities. So we build a compliance team tailored to the client’s specific industry.

Building Compliance Confidence: The Process

Whether a small U.S. company or a large multi-national, any business needs to feel confident that it is doing all that can be done to meet the ever-changing regulatory requirements and standards of corporate behavior.

Check out our customizable five-step process we’ve used to build our clients’ compliance confidence.