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No matter the source of a white collar investigation or accusation, these cases can be very public and can seriously impact both individuals and businesses. We have the experience and the knowledge to guide you every step of the way.

A First Line of Defense in Government Investigations and Prosecutions

A white collar or government enforcement action can be the most complex legal challenge a company or individual faces, leading to the disruption of business, damage to reputations, dissipation of assets and, most importantly, the potential loss of one’s liberty. These challenges can come in the form of administrative or legislative hearings, regulatory or civil proceedings, or even criminal prosecution. Coordinating an effective response to these inquiries from a governmental entity often poses a complicated and daunting task for both corporate and individual clients.

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Our white collar team focuses on three interrelated areas of practice:

Our experienced white collar team represents individuals, professionals, public officials, corporations, closely held companies, non-profits and other entities across a wide array of industries, including:

Buchanan’s white collar defense attorneys bring our clients substantial litigation, investigation and compliance experience. Our seasoned criminal trial lawyers, former state and federal prosecutors, former SEC officials, and former law enforcement professionals are highly skilled and experienced in constructing compliance programs, conducting internal investigations, and defending clients against criminal allegations. We can quickly assemble a cross-disciplinary team that will include attorneys from our many diverse and specialized practices, depending on your specific needs.


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