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Helping Companies Save Millions Annually in Reduced Energy Costs

What is a CHP System?

CHP Systems, also known as cogeneration, allow businesses to generate their own safe, reliable and cost-effective electricity on-site without needing to relay exclusively on the grid or costly backup generators.

Driven by the need for cost reduction, the demand for energy reliability and quality, greater efficiency, and the desire to lower carbon emissions, CHP is becoming a win-win-win for not only industrial and manufacturing, but universities, hospitals, retirement communities, and more.

CHP systems have the power to save companies millions of dollars in energy costs a year and up to an 80% annual reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Benefits Include

  • Lower, more predictable energy costs
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Enhanced electricity reliability
  • Opportunity to sell excess energy back to a local utility
  • Potential to save companies millions of dollars in energy costs over time.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Hospitals and health systems
  • Acute care facilities
  • Medical complexes
  • Senior living facilities
  • Universities
  • Manufacturing
  • Commercial buildings


Let Us Guide You

Building a CHP comes with its own legal issues to navigate. At Buchanan, we’re a one-stop shop. From construction and regulatory approval, to energy servicing, net metering and finance agreements, navigating utility CHP requirements and options, to installation compliance, we’ve done it all for clients and can guide you through the process to deploy your CHP. We work with our partner, The Brattle Group, who conducts complex economic evaluations to help clients determine if CHP makes financial sense for them. 

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