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With only four days until Election Day, and more than 80 million votes already cast, the outcome of the 2020 general election will be closely watched not only on election night, but in the days to follow as we await the confirmed results.

To help you navigate the potential impacts of the 2020 general election, Buchanan’s Federal Government Relations team provides an in-depth guide and analysis on the following:

  • Presidential battleground states
  • Key competitive Senate and House races to watch
  • Potential Democratic and Republican leadership for each House and Senate committees in the 117th Congress
  • Legislative priorities under a Biden or another Trump Presidency

Buchanan’s 2020 Pre-Election Guide and Analysis provides the insight you need to understand how the election results might impact your industry, no matter the outcome. Our Federal Government Relations team stands by to assist in navigating the post-election landscape in Washington and beyond. In addition, our Pennsylvania and Florida State Government Relations teams are actively tracking election results and updating clients on how the election can impact operations in their respective states. To review the latest election result updates and analysis from Buchanan, please visit our blog,