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Jason P. Bologna

Jason P. Bologna


Philadelphia, PA

How Jason Helps Clients

Jason brings his vast experience as a trial lawyer and former federal prosecutor to all of his matters. He represents businesses, executives, professionals, and other individuals in federal and state criminal matters, grand jury investigations, internal investigations, and civil litigation involving the False Claims Act. Jason served as an Assistant United States Attorney in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania for over 14 years. He prosecuted complex matters involving the False Claims Act, mail and wire fraud, health care fraud, federal program bribery, honest services fraud, tax violations, money laundering, the unlawful distribution of opioids, unlawful sports betting, and RICO. He has handled multi-week federal criminal trials and notable homicide cases at the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, where he began his career. Jason has tried over 80 jury trials and hundreds of bench trials.

Jason’s prosecutorial background gives him insight into what drives criminal investigations and charging decisions, and it enables him to effectively advocate for his clients at every stage. He has worked with the FBI, IRS, HHS, DEA, HSI, DOT, TIGTA, DOL, ATF, the U.S. Marshals Service, Amtrak, the Philadelphia Office of Inspector General, and state and local police departments. He was selected to mentor multiple Assistant United States Attorneys and taught classes on federal criminal trial practice as an Adjunct Professor at the Temple University Beasley School of Law.

What Clients Can Expect

Jason is a creative and analytical thinker. He approaches each case with an attention to detail that informs a comprehensive strategy. He believes cases are won and lost on those details and on persuasive advocacy at every step. He strives to avoid criminal charges for his clients but, when that result is not possible, Jason is a highly skilled courtroom advocate. Clients appreciate his communication skills, honesty, and tenacity.

Outside the Office

Jason lives with his family in a suburb of Philadelphia. He and his wife are devoted to supporting their children in a variety of activities and to caring for their high-maintenance dog. In his spare time, Jason is a passionate sports fan who enjoys running, cycling, and hiking. A college athlete, he has completed six Ironman triathlons and a dozen marathons.

Proof Points

  • Conducted internal investigation on behalf of a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) that received DOJ grand jury subpoenas relating to the use of federal grant funds and possible conflicts of interest in awarding million-dollar contracts; made repeated presentations to board of directors outlining the factual findings and legal implications of those findings, advised board on the internal and external responses to investigative findings.
  • Defended pharmacy employee who was the target of a DOJ criminal investigation and who was charged in a civil complaint with violations of the False Claims Act, Controlled Substance Act, and Health Care Fraud; negotiated the declination of all criminal charges, obtained grant of federal and state immunity for the client, and resolved civil complaint for nominal sum of money.
  • Conducted internal investigation of environmental company relating to a whistleblower complaint alleging ongoing bribery scheme, the illegal transportation of hazardous materials, and failures to comply with Department of Transportation regulations; advised CEO and General Counsel of investigative findings and the internal and external responses to those findings.
  • Defended CEO of private medical laboratory who was the target of a DOJ criminal investigation alleging $93 million of Medicare Fraud; negotiated and substantially reduced the fraud loss to $14.3 million and negotiated plea to a single offense with a five-year maximum; sentence is pending.
  • Advised board of directors for a non-profit organization on the repayment of a substantial loan obtained from the Payment Protection Program (PPP) through the representations of organization’s former CEO.
  • Advised board member of a publicly traded company in connection with FINRA investigation of his communications with stock purchasers prior to a public announcement by the company. 
As an Assistant United States Attorney: 
  • Investigated business and its executive team for paying bribes, submitting false claims for payment, and wire fraud in connection with government contracts that exceeded $75 million. Handled extensive negotiations with defense counsel for a non-trial resolution for the business and executive team while also coordinating a parallel civil investigation of the contract award.
  • Investigated business and its CEO for paying bribes, submitting false claims for payment, and wire fraud in connection with government contracts that exceeded $4 million.
  • Investigated an accountant for tax fraud stemming from his failure to pay $3.2 million dollars to the IRS on behalf of his clients.
  • Investigated an attorney for tax evasion stemming from his hiding $80,000 of income in a minor child’s bank account to avoid IRS collection efforts.
  • Investigated fifteen members of an offshore gambling business for using an internet website that committed RICO and domestic and international money laundering offenses. Resolved the case with a global plea agreement and forfeiture of $3.4 million.
  • Investigated two doctors for distributing opioids that caused the death of their patients. The first doctor was convicted after a five-week jury trial and the second doctor was convicted after a twelve-week jury trial.
  • Investigated three city employees for soliciting and accepting bribes in connection with their work for the Department of Revenue.

Awards & Recognitions

  • 2018 Clifford Scott Green Bill of Rights Award Winner
  • 2018 FBI Director’s Letter
  • 2014 FBI Director’s Letter
  • 2014 Organized Crime and Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) National Award for Outstanding Investigation in Mid-Atlantic Region
  • 2014 Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector General Cooperative Achievement Award
  • 2014 National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association Investigation of the Year Award – Honorable Mention