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Our Government Relations professionals provide the following recaps of the November general election results. Read about the competitive House and Senate races, Pennsylvania and Florida Congressional election, and the 116th Congressional leadership and potential committee leadership.

On the federal level, for the first time since 1986, a Republican President will have a Republican Senate while contending with a Democratic House, as the Democrats took control of the House and the Republicans grew the Senate majority. Get the details.

In Pennsylvania's closely watched races, the Governor and two U.S. Senators were on the ballot, and redistricting of Congressional seats meant a shakeup for the 18-member delegation. In the state legislature, half of the 50 Senate seats and the entire 203-seat House of Representatives were up for grabs. Read the results.

In Florida, a historic turnout of voters resulted in new electorates that will likely redefine politics in the state for several years. Read more.

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