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CMS has issued its Final Rule to implement the Federal Sunshine Act, and the Buchanan Compliance Counseling Program can help you to understand how the requirements impact your company. Our program provides a calendar of deadlines of selected state law requirements covering a wide array of areas, including not only aggregate spend reporting, but also annual declarations of adherence to corporate codes of conduct, price reporting, lobbyist registration and disclosures.

Stay informed through Program Alerts that analyze enactments and updates of both federal and state laws. Our Alerts contain our legal analysis of what the law means to you and your company’s compliance obligations. Also included are the primary source materials so that you can have them at the ready to facilitate your compliance efforts, along with up to one hour of attorney time per month to address your particular questions on how these compliance requirements apply to your company activities.

The Buchanan Compliance Counseling Program provides legal counsel on a yearly subscription basis in the following areas:

  • Aggregate Spend & Federal Sunshine Act.
  • Code of Conduct Adherence (including Annual Declaration of Compliance).
  • Gift & Meal Bans/Spending Limits.
  • Pharmaceutical Detailer Licensure & Continuing Education Requirement.
  • Selected State Required Price Disclosures.

Contact us if you would like more information on our Program’s cost-effective approach to tackle the compliance challenges that a new era of Sunshine brings to pharmaceutical, medical device and medical supply companies. For more information about the Buchanan Compliance Counseling Program, contact Linda Pissott Reig at or 973 424 5618.