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Innovations in technology – from artificial intelligence (AI) and automation to data analytics and more –are completely transforming the way the world works. Few law firms have the combination of knowledge and experience to provide advanced counsel in these game-changing arenas. Buchanan stands above the rest.

Unlocking the Power of AI, Automation, Data and Other Emerging Technologies

From companies that specialize in creating advanced technologies to those across sectors looking to adopt them to stay ahead of the curve, the opportunities in this space are seemingly endless. So too are the risks and legal ramifications. Buchanan is at the forefront of the generative AI and automation revolution, combining our renowned legal know-how with our unrivaled technology expertise to deliver the very best advanced technology counsel.

Buchanan’s sophisticated and interconnected practice areas of Advanced Technology, Intellectual Property and Government Relations, bolstered by its BuchananInnovate – a digital solutions center – elevates our client offering and differentiates us even among the largest players in the legal field. 

While some firms may say they understand AI and automation, at Buchanan, we live it every day. We are already a recognized leader in the space for our award-winning generative AI solution, BuchananArtifex – a state-of-the-art platform that leverages OpenAI's powerful Large Language Models via secure API to help the firm deliver more value to clients. This, combined with our significant experience counseling clients through their AI- and automation-related legal and regulatory opportunities and challenges, ensures Buchanan can serve clients ranging from those in the startup phase to mature, multi-national corporations. Delivering both business and legal strategy, our team provides a national and global perspective on advanced technology to companies looking to gain, maintain or grow their competitive edge.

For any organization looking to leverage advanced technology, Buchanan is the go-to firm.

Industries We Serve

  • Education
  • Energy
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Life Sciences
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  • Technology

Assisting Clients Through a Wide Range of Advanced Technology Matters

Compliance, Data Protection & Cybersecurity

While advanced technology offers countless opportunities for innovation, it also presents a wide range of risks. At Buchanan, we advise clients on all aspects of data privacy, including how different laws vary across states and international borders, to ensure legal compliance and mitigate risk. We have assisted companies with developing corporate AI and automation policies, procedures and implementation plans to safeguard the critical data included in these platforms. We also offer employee training and create vendor policies and pre-breach action plans to protect companies and their partners from the increase in cyberattacks that come with advanced AI.

For companies in the healthcare and life sciences industries specifically, the risks can be even more acute. We advise clients on the proper use of advanced technology during clinical research and trials – including trial agreements, medical device development and the FDA submission process. We also counsel healthcare providers on AI compliance when managing patient health information, insurance reimbursement, data collection, and more.

Intellectual Property

In the world of intellectual property (IP), it’s critical to work with a partner who not only understands your business goals and the value of your product, device or innovation but also comprehends how your technology works at an intimate level. Buchanan brings unparalleled knowledge of the advanced technology and data space with a full complement of IP services, including copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets and more. Our IP attorneys manage every detail of the filings and work with you to determine the best strategy for protection considering both pre- and post-market challenges. We also boast a strong transactional practice and can counsel you on your technology portfolio management and strategy, licensing and technology transfer, distribution agreements, and risk-reduction strategies. Finally, if any potential infringement arises, our team is well equipped to fight for what you own and ensure your innovation maintains its value over the short and long term.

Regulatory and Government Relations

Regulation in the AI and automation space is in its very early stages. Our regulatory and government relations experts stay one step ahead of the game to keep our clients up to date and compliant with the latest federal and state developments, while also helping them have a voice in shaping future legislation. Additionally, our team specializes in regulation across borders and into Europe and other countries, ensuring our clients stay compliant both domestically and abroad.

Labor and Employment

Not only is advanced technology changing the way people work, but it’s transforming the way companies hire, craft employment agreements and manage their workforce. Our labor and employment team has deep knowledge of the varying federal and state laws that make using AI and automation in hiring a complex legal issue. We provide counsel on a variety of labor and employment issues relating to advanced technology, including the development of technology protocols, human resources and hiring policies, collective bargaining agreements, employment audits, privacy agreements, anti-bias training, discrimination claims and more. 


Conducting due diligence is a key part of any transaction. But if advanced technology is a part of any deal, working with a partner who has deep knowledge of AI, automation and data analytics is a must. Buchanan’s transactional attorneys provide buy- and sell-side clients with a full analysis of all technological risks and opportunities to make sure the deal goes through without issue.


AI and automation are advancing rapidly, and with any technological evolution comes legal risk. As this emerging space grows exponentially, our cross-sectional team members are on the pulse of how to avoid AI-associated issues such as intellectual property, data privacy and cybersecurity, antitrust and competition, labor and employment and complex commercial matters.  Our Advanced Tech team is sought after to share their expertise at high-profile national conferences and through tech media thought leadership.

While prevention may be the first line of defense, we are well-prepared for litigation and ready to defend you when needed. It has never been more important to work with a team of attorneys that knows the world of AI, automation and data analytics. Buchanan stands out in this arena. Our advanced technology litigators have unmatched experience in AI and automation casework and are ready to fight for your interests. Combined with our trendspotting abilities, we ensure our entire firm – and, in turn, our clients – remain at the forefront of change.

Forward-Thinking Technologies

In today’s ever-changing world, you need to stay ten steps ahead of the game. And while most law firms are focused on the here and now, our sights extend far beyond the immediate horizon. Wherever your new discoveries may lead – from nanotechnologies and quantum computing to photonic microchips and datafication – our experts immerse themselves at an ultra-accelerated pace. We help you to see around corners, not only to avoid barriers, but also to help you realize your vision . . . before all the others.