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Despite best efforts to ensure products meet every relevant standard and the needs of customers, product liability suits happen. And any adverse judgment in product liability litigation can have disastrous short- and long-term consequences for not only the client but across the industry. At Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney, we take a holistic approach to product liability, helping our clients prevent litigation from the product’s inception and navigate the landscape should litigation arise.

On Your Side Throughout a Product’s Lifetime

Buchanan’s product liability attorneys have extensive experience in product liability litigation, representing Fortune 100 and multi-national companies across the globe, including Europe and Asia. Our leadership team, comprised of peer-reviewed, board-certified attorneys, works with companies from the ground up to assist with litigation prevention from product conception to defending and protecting a product and company reputations at trial.

Clients regularly retain our attorneys as their go-to counsel in defense of their most significant product liability matters.  Our clients know our history defending products across many industries, with many having been featured as headline national news. Buchanan is equipped to serve companies throughout the U.S. as lead counsel or as experienced local counsel in many jurisdictions nationwide.  

Buchanan’s team has significant experience representing manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in diverse industries such as: consumer products; pharmaceuticals and medical devices; automotive; tobacco, vaping and nicotine delivery devices; food and beverage; athletic equipment; building and home improvement products; and more.

Partners in Product Development

Unlike most product liability litigation firms, Buchanan can be your partner long before a product reaches litigation. We come in at the ground level to help companies build their brand and products – from international companies looking to introduce products into the U.S. to innovative start-ups looking to launch their products on the market. Our attorneys take the time to truly understand the intricacies of a company’s products and its business to better help the company prevent product liability claims from the start.

With a real-time understanding of trending issues that affect all types of products, our team is a true partner in the development of new products, new and existing manuals, and new product uses to help the client navigate potential risks. Our product liability attorneys conduct analyses of current product literature and warnings and work with our clients to navigate potential future product liability challenges.

Counsel of Choice in Litigation

Whether our clients are facing a single challenge to an allegedly defective product, a class action, or a coordinated series of filings across multiple jurisdictions, our product liability attorneys are able to quickly respond and assemble an experienced legal team to provide seamless representation across districts.

With access to board-certified attorneys, including civil trial and appellant specialists, our clients look to us to serve as their go-to counsel in high-stakes product liability cases and can spring into action at a moment’s notice to help companies with all of their product liability needs. Our attorneys have successfully represented clients in cases of first impression and bellwether cases. Additionally, our teams are experienced in conducting pilot cases, mock trials, and jury exercises for small, mid-sized, and Fortune 100 companies.

Full Team of Support

Working alongside our product liability attorneys, Buchanan’s government relations and life sciences teams also provide their unique expertise and assist with regulatory matters related to industries and products. From assisting with copyright filings and regulatory approvals to defending products before state and federal agencies, our collaborative teams are ready to step in to protect our clients’ new products, existing products, brand reputation, and future growth opportunities.