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In spite of your best efforts to ensure that your products meet every relevant standard and the needs of your customers, liability suits happen. And any adverse judgment in product liability litigation can have disastrous short and long-term consequences. To help both protect and defend you, we take a two-path approach to product liability: helping you prevent litigation and helping you prevail should litigation go forward.

Prevention and Defense: The Two Sides of Product Liability

Our product liability attorneys represent international, national and regional companies that design, manufacture, sell and distribute almost every kind of product. We advise our clients on day-to-day approaches to minimizing litigation risk, and we serve as trial and coordinating counsel when lawsuits occur.

Preventive Counsel

Before any personal injury, mass tort or product liability claim is ever filed against you, we can advise you on how to avoid such claims. We may recommend a contract review, an analysis of current product literature and warnings, or a preventive evaluation of products. Because we partner with you to truly understand your products, industry and business, our preventive counsel is based on real-world understanding of the specific issues that affect you. Of course, our long experience defending clients also provides us with the knowledge that helps us minimize your risks. 

When Litigation is the Only or the Best Option

Whether you are facing a single challenge to an allegedly defective product, a class action, or a coordinated series of filings throughout many jurisdictions, our product liability attorneys are able to quickly marshal an experienced legal team appropriate to the challenge. With our many offices, we can provide you with seamless representation, even if you are sued in multiple jurisdictions.

Our attorneys work closely with you to learn about each product and engage with experts about the problems allegedly associated with the product. In addition, we work with your insurance carriers to defend product liability claims brought against you. Where an insurance carrier has denied coverage for claims asserted, we have experience litigating declaratory judgment actions to try to obtain coverage.

On the Technical Side

We have a support network and excellent technological capabilities to assist you with both day-to-day counsel and litigation. Our support network includes experienced paralegals and project assistants, as well as a state-of-the-art document storage and retrieval system.