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According to Deloitte, two challenges consumer products companies face today are “keeping up with the frantic pace of innovation” and maintaining the “near-term performance of existing categories.” These are challenges we can help you meet every day.

Your One-Stop Shop for Consumer Products Counsel

No matter how sound your judgment and extensive your market experience, to succeed at the level you need means partnering with legal counsel who know your business, understand your goals, and free you to focus on driving value. Our consumer products attorneys know how to quantify and minimize risks, spot potential legal issues before they arise, and solve problems quickly and effectively. We help you identify and implement practical solutions in every area of your business.

When it Comes to Consumer Products, We’ve Got You Covered.

We counsel and represent consumer product companies that manufacture, distribute and sell a wide array of products, from appliances, cookware and kitchen products, to promotional items, home furnishings, electronics, school supplies, bathroom accessories, decking and many more.

With our cross-disciplinary approach, we handle the full spectrum of issues you may face throughout the life of your business – from its inception, through corporate transitions and expansions, and at every critical milestone – and with your day-to-day issues as well. Our goal is to provide nimble representation promptly, efficiently and effectively.

Combining our firm’s many strengths — such as corporate transactional, regulatory, litigation and intellectual property — we can assist you in such areas as:

  • Corporate structuring and financing.
  • Pricing, distribution, and MAP issues (antitrust).
  • Commercial transactions (licensing, advertising, marketing, distribution agreements).
  • Sales rep issues.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.
  • Tax.
  • Labor and employment.
  • Compensation/employee benefits (ERISA).
  • Intellectual property protection (patents, copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets).
  • Social media and e-commerce.
  • Regulatory issues (such as Consumer Products Safety Commission and “made in USA” issues).
  • Truth-In-Consumer Contract Warranty and Notice Act (TCCWNA) and Prop 65.
  • Privacy, security and data breaches.
  • All forms and forums of litigation.