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From the largest domestic or international corporation or university to the individual inventor or entrepreneur, we are committed to handling your patent matters with both scientific and legal excellence.

Patent Management From Innovation to Long-Term Value

Developing a patent strategy is about finding the best way to create value and maximize return on investment (ROI) from your patentable intellectual property assets. This is an ongoing process that requires technical, business and legal inputs.

Our intellectual property team includes more than 60 professionals with the legal and technical knowledge to help you create and preserve value for your innovations. We work closely with your technical and business leaders, as well as your internal legal staff, to understand both your industry and your business goals, positioning our team to help you improve your bottom line. Moreover, many of our patent attorneys and patent agents have served as examiners at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office; have advanced scientific and technical degrees; and have worked within corporations as engineers, designers and in-house IP counsel. They understand your challenges and goals and bring an insider’s perspective to advising you.

Portfolio Management/Strategic Advice

We will work with you to develop patent and trade secret portfolios that meet your business goals. Using audits of your IP assets, we discover and advise you on the best way to protect those assets for a competitive advantage. We help you prioritize your IP and work with you to obtain IP estates that cover not only current products, but also your planned developments and product enhancements. And we will help you negotiate both inbound and outbound licenses that, respectively, permit you to practice new technology and generate revenue from your research. We can also assist you in selling non-essential IP assets and purchasing critical IP properties.

Counseling that Adds Value

Whether addressing an individual patent or reviewing your broader field-of-use issues, we analyze and advise you on the validity, enforceability and infringement issues associated with your patent portfolios. We can work with you to design around competitors' patents and thus avoid infringement.