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Tax is a key consideration in all significant corporate transactions. You need tax attorneys who understand your practical business considerations, your industry and business, your objectives, and the nuances of tax at every level.

Experienced Planning for Optimal Results

Our business tax team is experienced in all federal income tax considerations facing both domestic and international corporations. Our clients, ranging from publicly-traded companies to multi-generational closely-held businesses, private equity funds and their portfolio companies, and start-ups, seek our experienced counsel across a wide variety of issues, including:

  • Managing the tax status of distressed businesses.
  • Structuring the liquidation and dissolution of business enterprises, including asset sales and stock sales.
  • Planning and negotiating taxable and tax-free acquisitions
  • Restructuring through taxable and tax-free mergers, spin-offs, split-offs, distributions and intercompany sales.
  • Advising affiliated groups with respect to consolidated return issues arising from dispositions, acquisitions and restructuring.
  • Debt restructuring.
  • Advising on tax accounting and inventory identification methods.
  • Structuring operations in ways that maximize the benefits and minimize the burdens of the rules governing the tax treatment of financial instruments and insurance products.