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The proprietary tool will be part of the data literacy program set up by the firm’s BuchananInnovate initiative.

PITTSBURGH (September 13, 2023) - Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney, a leader in legal services and enterprise technology solutions, today announced the launch of its revolutionary AI platform, BuchananArtifex, as a critical initiative of Buchanan's data literacy program. Developed in-house at BuchananInnovate, the firm's newly inaugurated digital solution center, this state-of-the-art platform leverages OpenAI's powerful Large Language Models via secure API. BuchananInnovate aims to expose legal and government relations teams to cutting-edge technologies that can meaningfully impact the delivery of legal services while equipping them with a deep understanding of the technologies' limitations and their respective solutions, enabling them to engage in nuanced conversations across various levels.

The BuchananArtifex AI platform is designed to give Buchanan lawyers and government relations professionals a tool to enhance their research capabilities and understanding of legal and legislative issues that affect clients and the industries that the firm serves. The private AI Platform will provide convenience, access and user experience while upholding the strictest security and data privacy measures for the firm’s internal users, all while helping them deliver more value to the firm’s clients.

In an ever-evolving legal landscape constrained by the limitations of current technology, Buchanan introduces a game-changing solution in BuchananArtifex. This AI platform explicitly targets two of the industry's most acute pain points—the lack of enduring memory in AI chatbots, and the necessity for immediate, accurate data. "Our priority is to align the technology closely with our users' actual needs and feedback. We wanted to provide a tool that meets and exceeds functionality, security, and usability expectations. The continuous improvement culture at Buchanan has been instrumental in achieving this," said Scott Angelo, Chief Information Officer at Buchanan.

Jeff Lagana, Director of Enterprise Operations and Security responsible for development, added, "Since our first release in early June, we have been working hard to make enhancements based on feedback from our pilot group of lawyers, government relations and business professionals and to take advantage of new technologies that are becoming available. Our adherence to continuous improvement and development ensures we are agile and responsive to client needs."

Breaking Through the Short-Term Memory Barrier

While existing publicly available models such as ChatGPT offer an array of capabilities, they need long-term memory functionality. "BuchananArtifex employs advanced vector technology, bridging the gap between LLM context limits and large data sets enabling context awareness far beyond traditional models," states Angelo.

Unlocking the Value of Long-Term Conversation Memory

Consider a client's case that unfolds over several months. The utility of conversational organization and a long-term memory system in such situations is unparalleled. BuchananArtifex retains the context of past interactions in a structured way, providing advice that is easily and consistently referenceable, thereby alleviating the burden on attorneys to clarify complex case details repeatedly.

Real-Time Adaptability: The Pulse of Current Data

Navigating the dynamic legal landscape requires access to real-time, continually updated information sources. "BuchananArtifex shatters limitations by dynamically integrating real-time data from many sources. It transcends its initial training data," underscores Angelo.

Why Timely, Current Data is Crucial

In a world where new laws emerge, and precedents often shift, advice that was sound yesterday could be obsolete today. BuchananArtifex's dynamic capability to onboard new data sources ensures that attorneys operate with the freshest, most pertinent information.

The Synergistic Fusion of Advanced Technologies

BuchananArtifex represents a paradigm shift in legal technology, establishing new benchmarks in long-term memory, data accuracy, and risk mitigation. Integrating vector databases with cutting-edge AI capabilities enables BuchananArtifex to elevate client engagement, expedite legal research, and foster effective internal collaboration. "These technological convergences amplify the platform's potential to fundamentally expand our capabilities and transform our legal and government relations practices," Angelo concludes.

Fostering Collaborative Learning and Innovation

In addition to its groundbreaking features, BuchananArtifex fosters collaborative learning and innovation within the firm. Recognizing the value of shared knowledge and collective problem-solving, the platform enables both conversation and prompt sharing.  "We believe in the power of shared insights and collective intelligence. These features allow lawyers, government relations professionals and our business teams to share particularly insightful or effective interactions they've had with BuchananArtifex. By doing so, they contribute to a growing repository of knowledge that benefits the entire legal community," Lagana highlighted.

The Pillars of Security and Continuous Evolution

For BuchananArtifex, data security and perpetual innovation are bedrock principles. "The platform is not merely secure, it is modular.  As a result, we are able to easily evolve the platform over time, positioning it as a future-proof asset for our firm," emphasizes Lagana.

In summary, BuchananArtifex raises the bar, setting a new benchmark for what AI can achieve and what the legal sector should expect from technological advancements.

About BuchananInnovate

BuchananInnovate is Buchanan’s digital solutions center. We offer cutting-edge digital solutions that drive growth, innovation, and success for Buchanan professionals and the firm’s clients. BuchananInnovate offers enhanced digital capabilities by focusing on advanced data analytics, visualization, and automation. BuchananInnovate helps clients and the firm leverage the power of digital technologies to drive growth and efficiency.