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Nolan W. Kurtz

Nolan W. Kurtz

Chief Operating Officer

Harrisburg, PA

Nolan W. Kurtz is an experienced professional who has a strong focus on driving innovation, service excellence, and maximizing the power of data and predictive analytics. As Buchanan's Chief Operating Officer, he oversees the business operations and collaborates with leadership to ensure that the firm is responsive to evolving client demands and competitive pressures in the legal industry.

Nolan places a strong emphasis on fostering a high-performing culture across Buchanan's administrative departments. He is a collaborative and forward-thinking executive who recognizes the importance of cross-functional teamwork in improving and transforming the practice of law. By engaging lawyers, business professionals, and IT professionals, he is able to bring together a diverse range of perspectives and expertise to solve complex problems and drive innovation within the organization.

Nolan began his career in politics and subsequently held various leadership positions in state government including at the Pennsylvania Department of State, where he directed electronic government initiatives in the areas of business registration, professional licensure, voter registration and campaign finance. He was appointed by Governor Ridge to chair Pennsylvania Open for Business, which streamlined business registration.

He actively supports community organizations financially and by volunteering his time.  Such organizations include a start-up community food pantry, United Way, PA Coalition Against Rape and a business incubator where he served as the vice-chair.

Outside of Buchanan, Nolan is passionate about skiing, playing mediocre golf and cooking for his family and friends.