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Law360 reported in a recent article that the Pennsylvania Oil & Gas Association (PIOGA) requested that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court enforce portions of its ruling that took down well-permit requirements, along with other key sections of the state’s Act 13.

In a June 12 filing, a team of attorneys, including Buchanan’s Gregory J. Krock and Brian J. Clark, argued that the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is selectively complying with the Supreme Court’s 2013 ruling.

“Requiring a government agency to obey the law, just as the agency requires others to obey laws it administers, is a win for all citizens and the rule of law,” stated the PIOGA’s filed argument.

The article reports that while the December 2013 ruling took away some freedom from the oil and gas companies, “it also took away some related regulatory power from the DEP.” But that power is still being used by the DEP in spite of the decision, says PIOGA. 

Read the full article – “Gas Group Asks Pa. High Court To Enforce Drilling Decision” (Law360, June 22, 2015). Subscription required.