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Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney Energy Shareholders Brian J. Clark, Eugene E. Dice and Howard J. Wein contributed chapters to the new, seventh edition of the Pennsylvania Environmental Law & Practice book, published by the Pennsylvania Bar Institute.

The book’s second chapter, written by Wein, focuses on the Environmental Amendment to the Pennsylvania Constitution. Among other topics, Wein details the amendment’s importance, application and impact in the state’s handling of environmental cases.

In his chapter regarding sewer facilities, Dice discusses the requirements for official sewage plans, requirements for updated and revised plans, revisions for new development; sewage enforcement officers; permits for on-lot systems; sanctions and appeals process; interface with other laws; and other miscellaneous provisions.

Clark’s contribution addresses the Storage Tank and Spill Prevention Act, including its scope, registration and permitting requirements; tank requirements; spill prevention plan; enforcement and compliance provisions; and the Department of Environmental Protection’s underground storage tank clean-up program.

More information on Pennsylvania Environmental Law & Practice is available on the Pennsylvania Bar Institute’s website.