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An article published in the February 10, 2010, edition of The Am Law Daily noted Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney attorney and firm CEO and John A. "Jack" Barbour for his involvement in assisting the Holy Family Institute with legal matters relating to housing Haitian orphans.

As noted in the article, titled "Wilmer, Buchanan Tapped for Pro Bono Matters Related to Haitian Orphans," Buchanan was recently contacted by the Pittsburgh residential facility for children, Holy Family Institute, to provide pro bono assistance in a matter dealing with Haitian orphans presently living there.

According to the article, "[T]he children had been flown by military transport to Pittsburgh Children's Hospital after their Port au Prince orphanage collapsed during the quake. Most of the airlifted orphans eventually wound up in the institute's care. … The orphans entered the country under a Homeland Security emergency humanitarian program dubbed 'Pierre Pan,' which allows Haitian children into the country on a temporary basis. The program — under which the federal government is technically the legal custodian of the children — only applies to those who have been legally confirmed as orphans and are in the process of being adopted by U.S. citizens. Some 18 have already been adopted in the past few weeks since their arrival."

The article went on to note that because the institute is a state-licensed orphanage, and has no prior relationship with the federal government, "it must navigate an unfamiliar bureaucracy in order to be reimbursed for the children's care," with Buchanan attorneys helping smooth the way.

Barbour weighed in on the situation saying the feds are keeping a close eye on the institute to ensure proper procedural guidelines are being followed.