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If you sell, or would like to sell, goods or services to the government, we understand the complexities and challenges you face. Navigating government contracts and the procurement process requires assistance by both attorneys and government relations professionals who are familiar with the unique nature of this competitive process where you do, or would like to do, business.

Helping You Navigate Government Contracts and the Procurement Process

In both Pennsylvania and Florida, Buchanan has a deep knowledge of the procurement and public records laws that state and local agencies are required to follow when conducting competitive procurements. We can guide you effectively through the procurement process in these states, and, at the same time, we are well-aware that public procurements in Pennsylvania and Florida may impact your operations throughout the rest of the country. 

Working With You Throughout the Procurement Process

With offices strategically located in Harrisburg and Tallahassee, Buchanan offers you a comprehensive range of services from the beginning to the end of the procurement process—and at every step along the way.  Some of our services include:

  • Helping you understand the procurement vehicles available for your products and services.
  • Identifying solicitation opportunities, such as invitations to bid or requests for proposals.
  • Reviewing solicitation documents for compliance with the procurement laws.
  • Helping you prepare responsive and responsible submissions to solicitations.
  • Managing existing contractual relations (including dispute resolution procedures under state law).
  • Working with you to protest a solicitation or award of a bid.
  • Defending you against protests from disappointed bidders or offerors.

Making the Most of Government Contracting Opportunities

Monitoring Opportunities. We can monitor public contracting opportunities and keep you informed of competitive solicitations and agency decisions that might affect you. By assisting you during the initial release of solicitations, you may have a better chance of success.

Evaluating Opportunities. We also help you evaluate procurement opportunities for compliance with all applicable state and federal procurement codes and laws. If a solicitation is not open and competitive or is in violation of these laws, we can assist with the development and implementation of a protest strategy within the short deadlines imposed. We can also review the terms and specifications of solicitations, advising you on how to responsively prepare your bids or proposals.

Protests and Disputes

As a bidder or offeror, you may have the right to file a protest to challenge the procurement process.  Conversely, if you have been successful in the procurement process, you might have to defend your award against a competitor’s protest. We understand the nuances of this complex area of law and can help you develop a strategic plan designed to maximize the likelihood of your success.

Procurement and Public Records Laws

We are well-versed in how state public records and right-to-know laws intertwine with the procurement process and represent both requestors for information, as well as third parties whose trade secret information has been requested by others. Alternatively, we can invoke a right-to-know law to obtain information on your behalf.