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At Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney, energy attorneys John Povilaitis and Alan Seltzer focus their work on helping clients go through the process of installing combined heat and power units, also known as CHPs, to their facilities. At The Brattle Group, Metin Celebi and Frank Graves help clients figure out the financial aspects of this process, evaluating whether these projects make sense for facilities of all types.

Over the course of their careers, the four have helped countless clients understand the ins and outs of the CHP consideration, financing, and installation process. And during that time, they've witnessed companies run into their fair share of pitfalls during this process that they've needed to help them navigate.

On this episode of Alternative Power Plays, John, Alan, Metin and Frank have gathered a list of the most common pitfalls companies across industries have come across with tips on how to avoid them.

For any facility or business considering CHP or more closely examining their energy needs, visit and to learn more about how Buchanan and The Brattle Group can help you navigate all the steps involved.

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