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Few firms have the strength in traditional labor relations that we have. Whether your employees are unionized or if you seek to stay union-free, our lawyers provide complete traditional labor relations services in both the public and private sectors. A substantial number of our attorneys are focused on this specific area of law, and we are known nationally for achieving the results employers require.

The Art of Successful Labor Relations

Our labor relations attorneys can help you fully understand and effectively exercise your rights on a broad spectrum of issues. We've helped our clients through countless union-organizing drives, labor contract negotiations and arbitrations, unfair labor practice proceedings and NLRB hearings. We’ve also trained employers in remaining remain union-free and in managing their workforce effectively if a collective bargaining agreement is in place.

Among the many fundamental labor relations services we provide are:

Dealing with Unionizing Efforts. We have advised and represented employers nationwide in hundreds of union-organizing drives, union elections and campaigns to remain union-free.  We bring practical experience to this area of the law and provide cost-effective solutions.

Collective Bargaining and Labor Arbitrations.  We have led labor contract negotiations and achieved collective bargaining agreements in a wide variety of industries in both the public and private sectors. Additionally, we have assisted with labor issues connected to mergers and acquisitions, joint employer and alter-ego issues, the opening and closing of facilities, and the buying and selling of unionized operations.

We can counsel and represent you with respect to all of the labor, ERISA and employee benefits issues associated with unionized employees and collective bargaining agreements, including pension plan withdrawal liability, severance and shutdown benefits, and options for controlling active employee and retiree health care costs. We can also advise you on and negotiate collective bargaining agreement terms relating to “contracting out.”

Employee Benefits and ERISA Compliance. Our traditional labor law practice includes lawyers who regularly work with ERISA and benefits issues that arise with an organized workforce. We’ve counseled clients regarding the many issues that arise with multiemployer trust funds, shutdowns and spiraling medical costs.

Labor Board Rules and Practices. Our attorneys are able to represent you before the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), as well as the Pennsylvania Labor Relations Board (PLRB), in unfair labor practices and other proceedings, providing you with advice, training and guidance regarding the application of and adherence to all applicable rules and practices.

Managing Labor Disputes. With regard to labor disputes, we are ready to assist you with any issue, including mass picketing, secondary boycotts, economic strikes and sympathy strikes. We have advised countless employers on preparation for strikes and lockouts, and have handled hundreds of arbitrations, mediations and trials around the country related to injunctions, unfair labor practices, and many other issues.

The Railway Labor Act. Our unparalleled experience with the rail industry enables us to offer a full range of services to the rail industry, from counseling to litigation. Our deep familiarity with the Railway Labor Act (RLA) and experience allow us to represent you in every aspect of the RLA's unique dispute resolution procedures. We handle representation disputes, minor and major disputes, regulated transactions, labor protective conditions and matters before Presidential Emergency Boards. We also advise carriers on matters that involve the complex relationship between the RLA and other federal and state laws. Our attorneys have litigated cases to enforce the RLA's major dispute resolution procedures, and we've represented carriers in common-situs labor disputes involving both RLA and National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) issues.

Keeping You Informed

We advise and educate you on new and revised regulatory mandates relevant to your operations. Our attorneys monitor pending regulatory changes and apprise you of possible changes and their likely impact on your business. When such changes are enacted, we provide timely advice, practical guidance and training on best practices for compliance.