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A recent Legal Intelligencer article questions law firm leaders on their profit growth outlook in 2014. The article titled, “Firm Leaders Predicting Profit Growth in 2014, Survey Shows,” questioned CEO, Managing Director and Chairman of the Board, John “Jack” A. Barbour on the outlook for the remainder of 2013 as well as the firm’s growth outlook for 2014. 

“I think everyone has accepted the paradigm shift that while revenue is still of primary importance, revenue is not the answer to everything and efficiency is much more a factor than what it was pre-2008,” Barbour told the publication. 

He also said that he expects the energy industry to remain strong, and the expects the firm to meet its aggressive 2013 budget.

Read the full article – “Firm Leaders Predicting Profit Growth in 2014, Survey Shows” (The Legal Intelligencer, December 17, 2013) Subscription required.