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The 2015 Edition of "Recent Trends in Trademark Protection" provides an authoritative perspective for filing and protecting marks on both a domestic and international basis. The law surrounding registered trademarks is constantly changing. With the addition of evolving technology and increased infringement, it's not only harder to obtain a mark, it's also more important than ever to protect it. No one knows this better than the attorneys who help clients file applications for marks they want and defend the marks they already have.

The book features experienced partners nationwide who have taken the time to outline the technological developments impacting protection practices and identify areas of mark infringement to avoid potential lawsuits. Inside, you will find advice on a multitude of concerns, such as analyzing the likelihood of confusion to avoid infringement, preserving mark strength, and when necessary, undergoing federal court litigation.

Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney's Ralph G. Fischer penned the chapter titled, "Supporting Trademark Claims Up Front Is Less Expensive And Risky Than Later Appeals."   

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