Shareholder Stuart P. Slotnick was quoted in several media publications including Forbes, Bloomberg, The Wall Street Journal and The Chicago Tribune on October 16 in regard to the SEC case against Mark Cuban for insider trading.

A Texas jury decided on Wednesday, October 16 that Mark Cuban was innocent of insider trading, an allegation brought against him by the SEC after Cuban allegedly sold stock in after having a private phone conversation with the company’s chief, Guy Faure. Faure claimed that Cuban did make such an assurance.

Slotnick told Forbes that because there was “no written confidentiality agreement, the outcome largely boiled down to Cuban’s word against Faure’s. The SEC’s failure to compel Faure to appear for live questioning in the courtroom, settling instead for videotaped testimony, most likely hurt its case.”

“You don’t want your star witness on videotape. The jury is deprived of getting to assess his credibility,” Slotnick said. 

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