Stuart P. Slotnick, New York Litigation shareholder, was quoted by AOL News on January 21, 2011. The article, "Buying a 'Divorce Home Has its Perks," explains the benefits and risks associated with purchasing a home from a divorcing couple.

There are benefits, the article explains, as the parties may be eager to sell quickly. But such a purchase is not without risks, including the potential "a divorcing couple could blow up a deal and you could lose your financing and your mortgage lock date," Slotnick noted.

With experience in both real estate and matrimonial law, Slotnick was able to provide hard evidence to the danger of seeking out a so-called 'divorce' home. In one instance, he explained, an angry husband sabotaged the pending sale by turning on all the faucets in the house the night before the closing date inspection.