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The Central Penn Business Journal recently ran a feature on the legal industry’s Best Lawyers®, asking them to offer their insight on their particular practice area for a successful 2014. Buchanan’s Stephen C. Gierasch, John F. Povilaitis and Deborah M. Suder provided their thoughts:

"Be mindful of a more active regulatory environment and to consider proactive strategies when addressing legal needs/risks as opposed to simply being reactive, which often times can be more costly and disruptive to a business." - Stephen C. Gierasch, on Corporate Law

"Many energy-related business opportunities will present themselves in 2014. The successful businesses will be those that can team and deploy their legal and management expertise in a cost-effective way to sort out the good, the bad and the ugly." - John F. Povilaitis, General Advice

"With elections next year, we will have many requests for PAC contributions. There are already eight candidates for the Democratic primary announced and Governor Corbett will need resources to support what most think will be an uphill battle." - Deborah M. Suder, on Government Relations