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Jennifer Olmedo-Rodriguez, shareholder and head of Buchanan’s Miami office, was featured in Daily Business Review article "Steal These Pandemic-Era Hacks on Training, Mentorship and Clients."

The Problem: Training associates remotely is less efficient and effective.

The Solution: Use screen sharing to coach associates in real time.

Before the pandemic, the Miami office of Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney worked like most law firms: associates wrote documents that partners marked up and handed back for revision. After the shift to remote work, partners across the profession lamented the loss of their preferred pedagogical method. But Jennifer Olmedo-Rodriguez, who heads the office, saw an opportunity to improve her training by sharing her screen with her associates as she reviewed their work.

“It’s almost more effective than in-person training because you’d almost always just exchange hard copies with pen marks,” Olmedo-Rodriguez said in a January interview. “The screen share option makes it so easy to get on with young lawyers and explain what I want a section to look like and how I want it organized. They get the benefit of seeing in real time what your thought process is and how that gets translated into a document.”