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The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene in New York City has a compiled list of forbidden pets living in city apartments, reported The Real Deal, a New York City real estate magazine. Ranging from panthers to mountain lions, the extensive list features many wild animals which the city defines as any animal that is “natural[ly] inclined to do harm and capable of inflicting harm upon human beings.”

Stuart P. Slotnick told the magazine that there is a clause in the law that residents can use to get around the common rule for NYC apartments to have the no pets, Slotnick explained that you must first prove that your pet is an essential part to your well-being.

“Some residents get medical notes from their doctors prescribing them pets. But any effort to use the loophole for a wild animal would be tranquilized pretty quickly,” Slotnick told The Real Deal. Although, he did say that these pets are mostly stopped at dogs and cats. 

Read the full article – “Presenting a List of Beasts Banned from NYC Apartments” (The Real Deal, July 12, 2013)