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On December 30, Bill Cosby was charged for aggravated indecent assault for an alleged incident in 2004 with Andrea Constand, a former Temple University employee. In articles in The New York TimesUSA Today, the New York Daily News, the Business Insider and Vice, shareholder Stuart P. Slotnick discussed the charges, whether his other accusers will be allowed to testify and the difficulty of finding impartial jurors for the case, among other issues.

“At this point, he's lost everyone he's ever had in the public relations war. No one holds Bill Cosby beloved anymore. The jury could find him not guilty but also despicable,” Slotnick told the New York Daily News. He added, “Bill Cosby has already lost the public relations trial, but it will be up to his defense team to focus on the facts in the courtroom, the real evidence.”

Although Cosby will not be charged in this specific case with the accusations made from other women, Slotnick told the Business Insider how a legal precedent could allow "the prosecution to bring in instances of prior bad acts or uncharged crimes to demonstrate that the defendant acted in a similar kind of way."

Because of the other accusations, he also said how it will be hard to find impartial jurors for the case. “I would seriously question any juror that has not heard about the allegations against Cosby. Only those who have not lived on this planet will be ignorant of the charges. Getting a fair and impartial jury will be difficult, but it can be done,” he told USA Today.

Slotnick noted that the case has become locally political.

“There are TV commercials in which the campaigning candidates criticize each other for their role in prosecuting or not prosecuting Bill Cosby, and that makes this case a local political issue,” Slotnick told Business Insider. “The defense will no doubt want to bring up the fact that the current DA campaigned on a platform that the former DA was not aggressive enough and should have prosecuted Bill Cosby.”

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