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In Pittsburgh, an Interim Planning Overlap District (IPOD) proposal is seeking to establish new zoning rules for future development along the riverfront. The proposal was tabled at a Pittsburgh Planning Commission meeting on Tuesday when riverfront property owners expressed reservations. The proposal’s intention is to allow for a mix of uses along the riverfront while providing better riverfront access and protecting the environment but would limit surface parking to 15 spaces and provide more detailed standards for garages.

“The stakeholders (of the North Shore) have very serious concerns about the amendments and how quickly it is being pushed through for adoption,” said Shawn N. Gallagher on behalf of the collective development interests of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Pirates and Continental Real Estate Cos, the teams’ development partner for the land between PNC Park and Heinz Field.

Read the full article – “Pittsburgh Planning Commission tables vote on riverfront zoning change petition” (Pittsburgh Business Times, February 10, 2016)