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The Pittsburgh Business Times recently published an exclusive article on the 3 Rivers Venture Fair's plans to reformat and increase opportunities for more young tech and life sciences firms to their annual 3RVF schedule April 5-6 at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. At the event, investors will host tables to meet with groups of four to six entrepreneurs matched with them based on capital needs, industry and other criteria.

Jeremiah G. Garvey, PVCA chairman, weighed in on 3RVF's focus on early-stage companies and their interest in increasing the field with more established firms in an effort to build the fair’s marquee value to investors across the country.

"As the competition for deal flow on the West Coast is more intense and valuations are significant, you see people looking at the middle of the country and places like Pittsburgh for innovation,” Garvey told the publication. “The idea is to have the best group of money providers so we have to draw the best group of companies. It’s a bit of chicken-and-egg. 

Read the full article - "Exclusive: 3 Rivers Venture Fair to Increase Companies, Change Format" (Pittsburgh Business Times, November 30, 2015) Subscription required.