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Helping You Get Started, Compete, and Grow

If you are a young business with innovative ideas, unbounded energy, and the potential for a great future, what you need most to realize your vision is strategic advice, practical guidance and capital. If you are a provider of capital to emerging companies and entrepreneurs, you need a partner with sound judgment, deep knowledge and keen business sense who understands your specific objectives.

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Helping You Get Started

One way in which we are committed to assisting emerging companies is by providing a complete complement of high-quality services at a lower cost than many other firms. Why? Because if we are to earn your trust, you need to be willing to let us work with you the first time. We will help you understand entity formation, first-round financing, operational issues and everything else you need to know with an eye toward the long-term growth and success of your business.

We can represent you in many aspects of your development. We often serve as general counsel for early-stage companies, which includes coordinating access to resources within our firm and providing "hands-on" practical advice on legal and business judgments and strategies. We understand the mix of legal and business problems you face and can help you identify potential financing sources, bringing the benefit of our experience and contacts, as well as our perspective on alternative financing methods that may be available. When it comes to financing, we know all the major players, including the venture capitalists. We are not bragging when we say that when they see our firm representing you, they know you are in good hands.

Because We Work on Both Sides of Financing. . .

Our representation of both capital providers and emerging companies benefits you in many ways. We understand and can spot the issues that may create problems for investors, and we know how to help you avoid these problems, or fix them if they have occurred, so that they will not delay or prevent a financing transaction. When we represent capital providers, we endeavor to identify these problems early in the due diligence process, allowing our investor clients to make the appropriate business decision with a full understanding of the risks.