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Litigation teams play a key role in a trial. Law360 has formed "7 Dos and Don’ts for Staffing a Trial Team." Attorneys weighed in on the dos and don’ts for picking the perfect winning team.

Their first tip is to figure out the core team early on. The article suggests including experience litigators on your team. Litigation Shareholder Howard D. Scher told the publication that having a "particularly good orator or two" is a good strategy to combat both procedural and substantial law issues. He also noted that gaining a team member that is good with analyzing documents and situations would be a plus, too.

Another tip the article offers is to not just diversify your team for the sake of diversifying. While it is vital to build a diverse team, it is important to not base your team on trying to game the jury box or judge by filling a team with a certain race or gender hoping it will score points with the jury.

"I believe the diversity is good for a different purpose. It's not to pander. I don't think that works at all. I think people know when they're being pandered to and they resent it," Scher said. 

Read the full article – "7 Dos and Don’ts for Staffing a Trial Team" (Law360, June 16, 2014)