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Law360 reported that the New Jersey Security and Financial Empowerment Act was signed on July 17, providing up to 20 days of unpaid leave for employees who are victims of domestic violence or a sexual assault. The article, “NJ Employers Face New Liability with Leave for Abuse Victims,” details the new measure and how it may allow workers to bring civil action for alleged violations – including leave-related retaliation and discrimination.

“I think what employers need to do…is to establish a policy, apply it uniformly and consistently, provide a way that employees seeking this leave can do so confidentially – so they can see the leave without fear of retribution or public disclosure – and then keep accurate records,” Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney shareholder Christopher J. Dalton told Law360.

The law will take effect on October 1. 

Read Dalton’s most recent advisory on the topic. 

Read the full article – “NJ Employers Face New Liability with Leave for Abuse Victims” (Law360, August 9, 2013)