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Samuel C. Harrod

Samuel C. Harrod


Pittsburgh, PA

How Sam Helps Clients

Sam focuses on drafting and prosecuting patent applications in software and computer science fields.  He has experience drafting patent applications in areas such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, cybersecurity, computer gaming, computer networking, computer simulation, blockchain, autonomous vehicles, and software testing.  Sam also has experience drafting patent applications in various other areas of software and computer engineering.

Prior to working as a patent attorney, Sam worked as a software engineer designing simulation software applications to model control system hardware and control system software.  Sam also has experience working with simulation software applications to model thermohydraulic systems.

What Clients Can Expect

With his previous work experience as a software engineer, Sam can communicate effectively with clients at a detailed level to fully understand the ins and outs of their technology. Sam is conscious of clients’ understanding of the patent process and he works to ensure clients clearly understand how their technology fits into drafting and prosecuting a patent application.

We can bring the greatest value to our clients by continually learning, both in technology and the law.

Outside the Office

Sam spends his free time working on personal software projects and spending time with family and friends. He also enjoys playing ice hockey and practicing music. Sam dedicates time to teaching music as a drumline instructor for various organizations and Drum Corps in the Pittsburgh area and beyond.