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At the request of regional stakeholders, including elected officials, philanthropic leaders and business executives, a team of attorneys from Buchanan, led by Jack Barbour, Lafe Metz and Jason Wrona, assisted in preparing the Pittsburgh region’s response to Amazon’s RFP for HQ2. Our work focused on obtaining site control from a number of major developers and property owners for purposes of inclusion in the RFP Response. Our lawyers offered their services on a pro bono basis, recognizing the significant opportunity that Amazon HQ2 represents for the Pittsburgh region, which has been the home to Buchanan’s headquarters for more than 100 years. 

Jack Barbour, Buchanan’s Executive Chairman, stated, “It was one of the highest honors for our Firm to be called upon by regional leaders to assist in presenting of our area’s amazing strengths to Amazon for consideration.  It was truly a collaborative effort between local leaders of every stripe and is a testament to how dedicated residents are to the region’s continued success.  We hope to soon welcome Amazon’s HQ2 employees as our neighbors and friends.”