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Stanley Yorsz, a shareholder and chair of Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney's Securities Litigation Section, was quoted in a January 3, 2010, article published by the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. The article, titled "Texas Eastern Transmission's tactics leave landowners feeling bullied," discussed the growing number of disputes between landowners and pipeline companies over the fair price for land. Additionally, the article ran in the January 3, 2010, edition of the Valley News Dispatch.

As explained, many landowners who are approached by pipeline companies interested in using a portion of the personal property feel that the amount of money that is offered is not "sufficient" enough.

According to the article, "Prices for land use vary depending on how the property is used and its location. … Legal experts said decades-old rights-of-way granted when the going price paid owners was $1 per foot of property, coupled with a huge jump in natural gas transported because of new finds in the Marcellus Shale formation, a mile-deep layer of gas containing rock, will lead to more suits and more hard feelings."

Yorsz weighed in saying, "Many owners see what their neighbors are getting for their Marcellus acreage, and they figure they should be offered similar compensation."