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As noted in a May 20, 2009, article posted on Managing Intellectual Property's Website (, Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney Intellectual Property attorney Carla J. Vrsansky presented at the International Trademark Association's (INTA) annual meeting, which took place May 16-20, 2009, in Seattle, Washington.
According to the article, Vrsansky joined fellow industry professionals in presenting a session on how to deliver a "trademark" presentation. "Just Pretend They are All Naked — How To Be a Better Public Speaker" looked at the different things that speakers need to consider from the moment they agree to present at a gathering — like the INTA Conference — to the time they get on stage.

Vrsansky provided attendees with a practical guide to PowerPoint use.

"Be brief, be creative, be relevant," she stressed.

As noted in the article, "She advised speakers not too put too much information on screen. For example, if you want to present a law that is relevant to your topic, rather than putting the entire text on a slide, highlight the section that is most relevant. She advised that speakers stick to INTA's 6x6 rule (six lines of text, six words on a line) and use bullet points or numbers and easily legible fonts to make it easier for the audience to read. Finally, Vrsansky recommended the speakers use images, sound and video to help make the presentation more lively, but that they should still focus on keeping things simple."

"You don't want to overwhelm your audience and have the PowerPoint outshine the points you want to make," Vrsansky explained.